About Ben and Journey Reed

This is us! (Aren't we cute?!)

Benjamin Reed is currently incarcerated at Oregon State Penitentiary until January 2020. (Hurry UP, darlin'!)

Journey Reed resides near Augusta, Georgia and "holds down the fort" raising children, volunteering in the community and working to support those incarcerated and their loved ones. Technically, she's "Dr." Reed (holding an honorary doctorate in divinity as an ordained minister) but NOBODY ever calls her that and she'll roll your eyes if you do. She's just "Mama Jo" to those who know her. 

The couple's primary inspiration is to share the wisdom they've gained along the way, enabling other couples not only to see the "light at the end of the tunnel" (or sentence) but to have some fun and forge relationships that not only withstand the strain but grow and flourish! (They figure if THEY can do this, anybody can!)

They love their kids, each other and bickering over things like whether ballet flats are ugly, what color the living room couch should be and "what kind of crap" the other one is listening to on their shared IHeartRadio account. They truly believe in gaining STRENGTH FROM STRUGGLE and can't wait to share their insight!