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Hey, gang! This is where I steal the blurb from the book (wink).

Benjamin and Journey Reed (that's us!) met in 2014 and were married at Oregon State Penitentiary in 2016. With transparency (we're SUPER real) and humor (we're both complete lunatics), they share their stories and offer other couples dealing with incarceration tips, tricks and insight into building and maintaining strong and healthy relationships; turning struggle into STRENGTH. (We really do!)

That sounds awesome, doesn't it? Go, us! Go, YOU! You're HERE! YAY! Forgive us. We're really excited to have you.

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Here is the DIRECT LINK to the KINDLE version of the book. There is a PAPERBACK version as well that can be shipped via Amazon directly to your partner! Check out our FACEBOOK page for more information about that one! (See the "Find Us Elsewhere" tab for that link)